Services Overview


Editing and production Services

My goal—in any editing or design project—is to create a clean document, free of distractions that can get between you and your audience. To that end, I offer the services described below.

I provide “per word” pricing for editing and proofreading services to give you an idea of their costs. Because editing projects vary in nature and scope, however, I usually begin by requesting a sample of the work to be edited (500-750 words). I will do a sample edit on this excerpt and calculate the estimated time and cost for the project. This ensures that the level of editorial treatment I will perform matches your needs.

For layout design projects, let’s talk about the materials you have, their intended audience, and your timeline. I’ll put together a quote for you.

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Copyediting ensures accuracy and consistency in language use, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. It’s performed on manuscripts that are in their (nearly) final form.

I offer two levels of copyediting:

  • A medium edit tidies up grammar and mechanics, flags problematic writing (tone, redundancy, ambiguity, gaps in logic, poor organization, biased language), and includes light fact-checking. Most clients request a medium edit.

  • A heavy edit—often called line editing or substantive editing—goes further to tighten the prose, eliminate redundant usage, improve clarity and transitions, and point out ambiguities or confusing shifts in voices/perspectives. Fiction and creative nonfiction writing are best suited to a heavy edit.

I am most familiar with Chicago and APA, and I can follow other styles on request.

Rates start at $0.04 per word.


Proofreading is performed on page proofs after editing and layout design; it’s the last chance to find and remedy errors before they’re committed to print.

I will check the page proofs for errors in design elements (e.g., placement of tables and figures, consistent formatting of headers) and any minor mistakes overlooked during editing. I’ll mark up your proofs so the publication designer can easily interpret the changes needed.

Rates start at $0.025 per word.

Layout design

How will you get your message out to your audience? Newsletter? Brochure? E-learning bundle? I can design these and other marketing collateral—even interior book layouts—with Adobe InDesign.

Using styles, I’ll create elegant and intuitive layouts that ensure a consistent look and feel across all your print products. If your branding changes, you’ll be able to update all of your marketing materials seamlessly.

Have photos you need edited? I have over six years’ experience as a photo editor/retoucher; I can help your print materials sing.

Rates determined on a per-project basis. Contact me to discuss your needs.