Evangeline helped me polish my photography e-learning materials for Click & Co. She cleaned up my punctuation and grammar, flagged redundancies and wordiness, ensured my language was inclusive, and she did all this without altering my voice or meaning at all. In the end, I had a body of work I was proud to share with my photography students, and I am confident they received my knowledge and passion without tripping over errors in grammar or flow. Evangeline delivered the final product ahead of the deadline and was very easy to work and communicate with.

— Kristen Ryan, photographer and creator of Environmental Awakenings: Using Your Surroundings to Build a Strong Image


I was finishing my National Board recertification and asked Evangeline to help proof and polish the required documents. I had about three weeks before submission deadline, so I didn't give Evangeline a lot of time to work, but she was able to not only check grammar, structure, and consistency but also give recommendations for a holistic view of my components and how they functioned. Evangeline took the National Board's evaluation rubric and broke it into smaller components, color coding my work where I addressed the requirements, which was very helpful. Evangeline was able to take a "boulders to sand" approach to my work and help me craft a product I was really proud of. I fully recommend her copyediting expertise.

— David Peabody, national board certified high school teacher